We have managed to enter many facets of the machining industry, which has kept our company continually growing with our customers.  Our team is not just another machine shop.  Our group takes pride in every project they encounter, and every challenge set before them.  Our engineering department, not only assists with blueprints and drawings, they have also designed many specialty machines and equipment for several large companies.

We have worked closely with several customers developing stamping dies, fixtures and tooling, specialtycomponent parts, and also safety equipment used in different applications that we have manufactured at this facility.Recently we started manufacturing chiropractic tables for the medical field.  At Lewis Machine, we are fortunate to have some of the best in the business, no matter which department or person you are dealing with.  That is why we refer to our group as a team.  Because, we are a team and taht's what makes Lewis Machine one of the best!